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Want some out-of-the-box ideas on repurposing that old smartphone? Just because you have a new iPhone 6 doesn’t mean your old gadget has to start collection dust, so try one of these awesome options and get some more life out of your old device!

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If there were fantasy league for the best tailgate tech, USA TODAY technology contributor Jennifer Jolly would be betting big this year. Check out this winning lineup for 2014’s best game-day gadgets.

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and some of the world’s most powerful players from the tech and research communities are teaming up to go one step past pink to search for a cure right on your smartphone.

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Sponsored by Invisalign® clear aligners

You probably remember school well enough to recall that other kids can be the absolute worst. I still have the occasional bad dream about the “mean girls,” teasing me about some drama du’ jour — my clothes, hair, crooked-smile. But some of the worst taunts had to do with my braces. Two girls in particular would trail me through the hallways mock-whispering a steady stream of brace-ism’s: Train-tracks, metal-mouth, zipper-lips, tinsel-teeth, cheese-grater, stump-grinder, and dum-dum-who-can’t-chew-gum-gum. It’s kind of funny now. But back then? Not so much.

It’s true, I did have the full metal mouth complete with hideous headgear and all. Thanks to some recent breakthroughs in digital dentistry, teen breakdowns over braces, could soon be a thing of the past.

Invisalign Teen®:

The single biggest advancement in the world of teeth straightening is Invisalign Teen clear aligners that straighten teeth without traditional wires and brackets. It works by using a series of custom-made, BPA-free removable plastic aligners that teens wear 20-22 hours a day, taking them out to eat, brush, and floss. Teens get new clear aligners every two weeks, and if your youngster tends to lose things — six free replacement aligners. As teens wear each set of clear aligners, their teeth gently and gradually begin to shift into place. And because they’re virtually invisible, most people won’t even notice them. Sure, they’ll still talk a little funny, but no different than any other braces-wearing teen.

Many dental insurance plans that cover traditional wire braces also cover Invisalign Teen clear aligners, and studies show Invisalign is just as effective at correcting the most common teeth straightening issues such as under-bite, cross-bite, deep-bite, over-bite, and overly crowded — to widely spaced.

A Better Impression:

The other big breakthrough that tech has brought to the world of braces is called iTERO. It gives orthodontists a way to digitally scan your teeth and mouth, without choking you with thick, chalky goop. I still remember half stuff going half-way down my throat and gagging me until I felt like I was being water-boarded. iTERO replaces the goop with a sophisticated, high tech wand. Talk about making a better impression!

Banish the Brace Bullies:

While wearing braces might seem like a rite of passage, getting bullied about it doesn’t have to be. Invisalign Teen recently commissioned Kelton to conduct a new Teen Confidence study with 3,000 teens ranging in age from 13-17. The study revealed that while 41% of teens say wearing metal braces is embarrassing, only 8% say it’s embarrassing to wear Invisalign clear aligners. What’s more, two-times the amount of teens said that Invisalign actually gave them a boost in self-esteem while in treatment than those with wire and brackets. The best finding though?  Nearly 70% wearing Invisalign clear aligners said they were less likely to be teased about their braces.

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